Collection: Pride Hearts

These LGBTIQA+ Pride Hearts are an original collection by BrickNetty.

BrickNetty designed these hearts to celebrate the love & pride of LGBTIQA+ people, as well as to celebrate same-sex marriage laws changing in Australia. Since our original design in 2017, we have created many hearts to represent different parts of the LGBTIQA+ community.


Our collection includes hearts based on the Pride Flags for the following communities:

 Whole community flags
Rainbow (6 stripe, 1979)
Original Rainbow (8 stripe, 1977)
Philadelphia/ QPOC (2017)
Progress (2019)
Inclusive (2021)
Sexual Orientation Gender Identity & Expression
Abrosexual Agender
Asexual Androgynous
Bisexual Bigender
Ceterosexual Demiboy
Demisexual Demigender
Gay Male (MLM) Demigirl
Lesbian (WLW) Genderfluid
Lithosexual Genderqueer
Omnisexual Non-Binary
Pansexual Trans*
Polysexual Transfem

Sex Characteristics


Intersex Fetish & Sub-Communities

Romantic Orientation Leather
Aromantic Pony
Polyamory Puppy



We are currently expanding our range and will be including:

- Genderflux

- Aroace


Please let us know if there is a specific flag you'd like to see designed, or custom made for you!

Custom orders, Commissions and Wholesale Orders welcomed.


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