Commissioned Artworks

BrickNetty are happy to work with you in order to bring your creative ideas to life with LEGO pieces.
Some of our past commission work includes:

2020- Elevan O'Clock

BrickNetty worked with Elevan O'Clock to create a heart made with LEGO bricks to represent their podcast brand. Jess & Netty used medium blue and orange bricks to design a range of hearts which would match the branding of Elevan O'Clock.

2021- Private customer

BrickNetty were commissioned to design a replica of the client's son's new house for a house-warming gift. Netty & Jess used the building plans and pictures from the house to recreate the house in LEGO format. We built the two-storey house on a 32 by 32 stud baseplate, and included as many of the features of the house as possible. The roof line was a particular challenge, and we were rapt with how the front of the roof looked once completed. We also recreated the client's car and family as sig figs, including their newborn baby and two dogs.


2022- Rubber Be Mine

Sharon from Rubber Be Mine spotted the BrickNetty stall and art work at Gay Stuff Markets in Melbourne. Netty had already created a Leather Man icon, in the style of building Brick Heads uses. Sharon commissioned Netty to create a Rubber Man, as a mascot for her upcycled rubber jewellery business. Netty drew heavy influence from the actual designs on Sharon's website, including the spiked and studded hood. Netty then displayed the custom piece in a glass case, with LEGO rubber tyres at the front of the stand, to represent Sharon's upcycled materials.