Jess and Netty are passionate about looking after the environment.

We love reclaiming pre-loved LEGO bricks and making them available for new people to love. We buy old LEGO from everywhere we can, and occasionally buy some new bricks.

We wash and sanitise our USED bricks before resale. We hand sort every brick to look for quality and identify any non-LEGO parts.

While LEGO is plastic, it is also (almost) indestructible. One thing we love is that pieces from the 1950's can still be used with new pieces purchased today. We keep a close eye on LEGO's sustainability progress and look forward to improvements in technology to reduce the impact on the environment.

We use recycled and recyclable packaging as much as possible. We reuse plastic bags and boxes. We participate in the RedCycle, Terracycle, Upparel, and Toys For Joy programs and purchase recycled/ eco friendly products for use in our business and home wherever possible.

Our plastic bags, bubble wrap, and LEGO plastic bags were previously recyclable  via the REDcycle program at participating supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to an alternative soft plastics recycling program.

Our boxes and padded envelopes can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin.