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BrickNetty Pride Heart - Torres Strait Islander flag

BrickNetty Pride Heart - Torres Strait Islander flag

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BrickNetty first designed rainbow pride hearts in 2017, to celebrate LGBTIQA+ people, partnerships and pride. Since we have created many other designs.


We created this pride heart to celebrate the Torres Strait Island people of Australia. We are passionate about recognising first-nations people, and advocating alongside them for their sovereignty and human rights.

Our pride heart is based on the Torres Strait Islander Flag. The flag was designed by the late Bernard Namok, from Thursday Island, in 1992.

The flag has the following meanings:

The flag was created as a symbol of unity and identity for Torres Strait Islander peoples. The cultures and traditions of Torres Strait Islanders are strongly connected to the land, sea and sky — elements which are represented in the flag.

The green panels at the top and bottom of the flag represent the land and the central blue panel represents the sea. The black lines dividing the panels represent the Torres Strait Islander people. The centre of the flag shows a white dhari (dancer’s headdress) which represents Torres Strait Islander culture.

Underneath the dhari is a white five-pointed star. The star is an important symbol for navigating the sea. The points of the star represent the five island groups in the Torres Strait and the white symbolises peace.

As non-indigenous women, we are conscious of undue profit coming from the sale of the Torres Strait Islander pride heart, based on the Torres Strait Islander flag. We are passionate about the health of indigenous communities, especially mental health, and so have chosen to give back in the following way:

$2 from the sale of each Torres Strait Islander pride heart is donated to Black Rainbow.

This BrickNetty heart is handmade from new genuine LEGO bricks.

It measures 7.5 cm high x 8.0 cm wide x 2.5 cm deep.


Torres Strait Islander Flag: © Bernard Namok 1992

Torres Strait Islander Pride Heart: © BrickNetty 2020

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