Our Process

Where do we get our LEGO from?

We get our LEGO from everywhere we can:

- Op Shops

- Garage Sales

- Facebook Marketplace

- Private Collections

- LEGO Stores

- Big W, KMart, Target, ToyWorld, etc

- BrickLink


What happens to it once you receive it?

We first rip it open and have a good look! We love bulk lots, as we never know exactly what we will find in them!

Step 1 - Check it out! Weigh it.

Step 2 - Separate. Break down all the parts that are joined together

Step 3 - Wash & soak. We fill buckets with a mixture of Sugar Soap and dishwashing liquid and hot water. We leave it overnight.

Step 4 - Drain & dry. We take all the LEGO out of the water and put it on towels in the sun to dry.

Step 5 - Preliminary Sort. We bring it back inside and start sorting into the different categories. Depending on how big the bulk lot is, we sort into BrickLink part categories (Bricks, Slopes, Plates, Minifigs, etc), or start sorting into parts straight away (1x bricks, 2x bricks, base plates, 1x plates, 2x plates). We find that the more specific we can be in the preliminary sort, the easier it is to get to the next stage.

Step 6 - Secondary Sort. Break all the part sorts into their individual items. We sort by part number first (ie. all 2x2 bricks, 3001) and then by colour, depending on how many there are.

Step 7 - Upload to BrickLink