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BrickNetty Pride Heart - Rainbow LGBTIQA+

BrickNetty Pride Heart - Rainbow LGBTIQA+

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BrickNetty first designed rainbow pride hearts in 2017, to celebrate LGBTIQA+ people, partnerships and pride. Since we have created many other designs.


This Rainbow Pride Heart is based on the Pride flag created by Gilbert Baker, originally designed as an 8 stripe flag in 1978. It was updated to a 6 stripe version in 1979.

The flag colours have the following meanings:


Red- Life

Orange- Healing

Yellow- Sunlight

Green- Nature

Blue- Serenity

Purple- Spirit


This BrickNetty heart is handmade from new genuine LEGO bricks.

It measures 7.5 cm high x 8.0 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep.

Rainbow Pride Flag © Gilbert Baker 1979

Rainbow Pride Heart © BrickNetty 2017

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