About Us

Netty and Jess as LEGO sig-figs

BrickNetty are Netty & Jess, a married couple from Melbourne, Australia, who both grew up playing with LEGO.


Netty with Ninjago City LEGO Set

Netty is a self-taught toy photographer and AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego). Netty came out of the LEGO Dark Ages when LEGO released the VW Camper Van. Netty and their friend Scott then built the Simpsons House together. From there, they were both hooked.

Netty loves to create photographic art with bricks and LEGO, including custom builds and one of a kind vignettes/scenes. These can be turned into cards, framed prints, canvases, photo blocks or posters. All designs are our own custom creations and photography using brick and LEGO elements.


After a few years of LEGO set building and creating their own MOCs, Netty started producing Wedding Cards with Rainbow Pride Hearts in support of the 2017 Australia-wide Postal Survey about Same Sex Marriage.

Since then we have expanded our range of Pride Hearts to include every possible LGBTIQA+ identity and flag.


Jess has always been a creative person too, mostly with textile art. She came out of her LEGO Dark Ages when helping Netty design the Pride Hearts.

When an opportunity to purchase a bulk amount of stock from a BrickLink store came up in 2018, Jess jumped at the chance to buy and sell LEGO to fund our own LEGO adventures. Since our BrickLink store launch in Jan 2019, we have expanded our selection and buy and sell all manner of LEGO parts, primarily in excellent used condition.


LEGO is such a creative element that has something to offer people of all ages. It can tell a story, spark imagination and memories and most importantly bring joy and laughter. We are constantly inspired by LEGO and all the possibilities it provides; therefore we are constantly working on new concepts for our artwork, with a focus on celebrating LGBTIQA+ people, culture and community.

We both use LEGO elements and custom parts to create our art however BrickNetty is not affiliated with The LEGO Group.

All artwork, photography and products are the intellectual property of BrickNetty (Annette Scotland & Jessica Mills) and cannot be reproduced or resold without written permission.