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Queer Icon- Leather Man

Queer Icon- Leather Man

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This custom figure is part of a BrickNetty range featuring queer icons.

Netty has created each custom figure drawing on their extensive knowledge of using LEGO elements to create unique art.


The LEGO Group created the original BrickHeadz range, released in 2016. Since then, all manner of custom figures have been built by Adult Fans of LEGO worldwide.


This figure is based on our interpretation of the iconic Leather Man.

Each icon is individually made and uses different parts. Your leather man may not look exactly like the one in the photo, but will still have the same likeness as the ones pictured. Please ask for any skin colour preferences at checkout.


Each of these figures are unique.

Requests for BrickNetty to build custom figures based on your favourite icons or even you are warmly welcomed.


This BrickNetty product is handmade from new & pre-loved LEGO parts. BrickHeadz & LEGO are trademarks of The LEGO Group. BrickNetty is not affliated with The LEGO Group and this is not an official LEGO product.


©BrickNetty 2020-2023

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