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BrickNetty Pride Heart - Drag Pride Flag

BrickNetty Pride Heart - Drag Pride Flag

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BrickNetty first designed rainbow pride hearts in 2017, to celebrate LGBTIQA+ people, partnerships and pride. Since we have created many other designs.


This Drag Pride Heart was created to celebrate the people in the drag community. It was based on the Drag Pride Flag, designed by Veranda L'Ni in 2016.

The colours represent the following:

Purple = the passion for drag we all share
White = the blank slate that is our body and face that we all change to create the characters that we become
Blue = self expression and loyalty
Crown = leadership in the drag community
Stars = the many forms of drag


This BrickNetty heart is handmade from new genuine LEGO bricks.

It measures 7.5 cm high x 8.0 cm wide x 1.6 cm deep.

Drag Pride Flag © Veranda L'Ni 2016

Drag Pride Flag Heart © BrickNetty 2022

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