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Occasionally we have Brand New condition sets to sell. These are all in BNIB condition. If there is shelf wear to the box, we'll be sure to mention it.



We specialise in putting together retired and pre-loved LEGO sets for you to build and play with again. Some are from an adult collection and have only been built once. Others are well played with, but are still in great condition, ready for a new owner.

Each set contains all the original parts, including any stickers from the original set. We do not include extra parts (e.g. extra 1x1 tiles). Stickers are usually already applied to the parts. 


All parts are repackaged and sealed in pre-loved LEGO bags, for that “fresh set of LEGO” feeling. The set is then boxed in either the original LEGO box, or a plain white box, with LEGO artwork.

All mini-figures from the original set are included. All instruction booklets are included. Some instructions may have minor folds or wear, due to their age. 

Check the individual sets description and photos for info on that specific set.


All sets are 100% complete, and checked off and packaged by BrickNetty.

Each set contains only LEGO brand products, with parts in new and/or excellent pre-loved condition. All pre-loved parts are cleaned and sanitised prior to selling.

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