Collection: Collage Art

BrickNetty have created these original collage art pieces, drawing on their extensive knowledge of using LEGO elements to create art, as well as the building technique greebling.

Each Pride Flag collage is unique and takes several hours to complete. No two collages are the same.

We have created collages based on the many LGBTIQA+ Pride flags and are happy to customise a design for you. This would involve taking your hobbies, interests or background into account. We would find LEGO elements that represent you and include them in your collage. To do this, please email us or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Each large collage is built on a 16x16 stud baseplate. It measures 13cm x 13cm and comes framed in a shadow box, which measures 25cm high x 25cm wide x 6cm deep.

Each mini collage is built on an 8x8 stud baseplate. It measures 6.5cm x 6.5cm and comes framed in a shadow box, which measures 12.5cm high x 12.5cm wide x 4cm deep.

Collages are all made using genuine LEGO elements, and are held together with ‘clutch power’, so there is no glue. In the unlikely event that your collage has a piece laying in the bottom of the frame, you can open the frame from the back. Grab the piece and reattach it to any stud or fixing point on the corresponding colour row. i.e. If a green piece falls off, reattach it to a fixture point/ stud on the green section of the collage. It doesn't matter exactly where you place it, as the greebling method of collaging means you can place individual pieces randomly. If it is a mosaic style collage, the location for the missing piece will be much more obvious.


Collage Art pieces © BrickNetty 2021-2024