How to sell your old LEGO!

LEGO bricks

WE No Longer Purchase BULK LEGO

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of LEGO people have reached out to us to sell. We are a two person business, and we need time to catchup and process what we have.
At this stage, we are no longer buying Bulk LEGO.

How to Sell Bulk LEGO yourself:

We recommend selling the bulk LEGO you have via Facebook Marketplace, eBay or other online channels.
The Australian market rate is $20 per kilo, for unsorted, unwashed bulk LEGO.
Weigh your LEGO in a suitable container for transport. The container itself can be included in the weight.
Take quite a few pictures of the LEGO, showing the condition and size of the collection.
Post an ad on your preferred channel, with the total cost being $20 x the weight of your LEGO.
Organise postage or pick up by the buyer.
We hope this helps you to sell your unwanted LEGO, so that someone else can enjoy it!


At BrickNetty we are passionate about the environment and LEGO.
We primarily buy pre-loved LEGO, to use in our artwork, as well as sell to other people on our BrickLink store.

Businesses who buy bulk LEGO

Bricktastics (NSW)

Queensland Bricks

 The Brick Shed

The Block Exchange


Businesses who buy LEGO sets

Brickville- Kensington, Vic

The BrickShed- Vic

The Block Exchange



Please note, we and our customers are LEGO purists. We realise there will be the odd clone brick in each bulk buy, however we do not buy bulk-lots of clone or LEGO-compatible bricks such as Mega Blocks, Lepin, etc. We recommend donating these bricks to your local charity or op shop.

To Sell to Us

-We only consider buying LEGO sets-



  1.  Please take detailed photos of the LEGO you wish to sell us
  2. For a set, please take a picture of the item(s) and include the Set Number.
  3. Email us with your details. Please attach your photos and the information above. Please also let us know your location.

Our email is

Since December 2018 we have purchased and rescued 325kg of bulk LEGO!!